How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Permanent hair reduction can be achieved using Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). These techniques minimize the growth and appearance of unwanted facial or body hair. The Laser emits a beam, while IPL releases flashes of broad spectrum light, to heat the root of the hair. The light selectively targets the pigment in the hair, destroying the hair follicle, so hair can no longer grow.

How is Laser Hair Removal administered?

It is important to understand that the skin will not be completely hair-free following one treatment. While most hairs are burned off the skin, those that remain will eventually fall out or are reabsorbed by the body through a natural process over the next several weeks. It takes a series of treatments, usually an average of six to 10, to achieve effective hair removal. Multiple treatments are required because hair grows in cycles. The hair has an active-growing stage alternating with a resting stage. Hair growth can only be affected by light while in its active stage at the time of the treatment. Since many of the hairs at the time of treatment may be in their resting stage, they will not be affected by the Laser or IPL until a future treatment.