How do Chemical Peels work?

Acid peels are a form of chemical dermabrasion. The acid causes the top layers of skin to exfoliate, or peel off, revealing the healthy, new skin underneath. Not all acids are alike. Our doctor will select the chemical that is best for your skin type, as well as the skin condition you wish to treat. Following a chemical peel, your skin may look slightly sun burned or tanned before the peeling begins 2-3 days later. Most people can return to their regular activity immediately after a chemical peel.

How are Chemical Peels administered?

A medical strength acid solution is chosen to treat the needs of your skin. The solution is then brushed on lightly, layer by layer, until the required depth of skin penetration is achieved. A neutralizing chemical solution is then applied over the acid layers to prevent further reaction of the acid with your skin. In general, the stronger the chemical, the deeper the peel, and the more impressive the results. However, the deeper the peel, the more pain one is likely to experience and the longer the recovery time will be. As an alternative, a series of light peels can minimize down time while enhancing your results.