How does IPL work?

Facial phototherapy (FotoFacial®) using intense pulsed light has been shown to decrease redness, minimize broken capillaries, decrease the size of enlarged pores, reduce dark circles under the eyes, lighten age or brown spots, and improve fine lines caused by premature aging or sun damage through stimulation of natural collagen production within the skin. For progressive lifting and tightening of the skin, we use intense pulsed light combined with a gentle radiofrequency current. This procedure tightens your own collagen, and stimulates the production of new collagen for up to six months after treatment.

How is IPL administered?

IPL emits gentle pulses of light energy combined with heat directly onto the skin surface. Most patients feel a heat sensation during the treatment that is not painful. Others may experience slight discomfort, usually described as a momentary sting, or like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. A topical anesthetic and/or cooling device is available to minimize discomfort. Protective eyewear is used during all phototherapy treatments. Fotofacials are most often spaced three weeks apart, for four to six sessions. Additional touch-up treatments may be necessary to help maintain the desired effect after a year or more.