• Program Overview

    Experience the art and science of medical weight management and associated conditions at Alquimia Med Spa. Our weight reduction program combines scientifically-based, physician supervised care, with compassionate and individually tailored plans to ensure the highest standard of treatment that delivers safe, effective and sustainable results.

    Our weight control program offers the solution for medically overweight or obese persons. By promoting changes in diet, exercise habits and mental attitudes and behavior, participants will achieve a healthy and comfortable weight loss result. The exact rate of loss can vary among individuals, but most participants can expect to lose two to three pounds per week.

  • Step 1 · Initial Consulation

    All patients first schedule an introductory consultation at one of our medical spas, at which time one of our patient educators will outline for you the program details. At this time, we begin our data collection by performing body measurements and lab studies that will help customize your weight loss regimen based on your individual needs.

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  • Step 2 · Active Weight Loss Period (1/2)

    During the Active Weight Loss Period, our goal is to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. Patients lose two to five pounds per week by following the prescribed nutritional plan, and incorporating the different components of our program into their lifestyle: a regimen of routine moderate exercise and practical lifestyle changes. The early introduction of these changes helps patients to establish a foundation upon which they can build their long-term strategies for weight maintenance

    Close monitoring and continuing education occur during weekly group visits. Body fat composition, vital signs and weight are recorded at all visits. Patients also have the opportunity to review emerging concerns and to celebrate achievements. Real life challenges, such as hunger patterns, work schedules, and family or personal habits can be addressed at these visits, as well as with the medical provider on an individual basis.

    Workshops are designed to provide patients with the self-management tools for lifelong success, as they work to reverse harmful lifestyle practices while reshaping eating behaviors.     (2/2) >

  • Step 2 · Active Weight Loss Period (2/2)

    Medication dosage changes and additional therapies may be implemented at this time. In addition, patients may receive their weekly injection of amino acids and vitamins if their regimen calls for it.

    Patients are ready to transition out of the Active Weight Loss Period when they have reached their goal weight. Depending on the patient’s medication dosage and the amount of weight loss, this step can last approximately four weeks. During this period, providers will further educate on incorporating whole foods into your daily meals. Moderate exercise is incorporated, additional behavioral modification is practiced, and further lifestyle changes are reinforced.

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  • Step 3 · Long-term Maintenance

    Successful weight loss depends on lifelong management of the underlying condition. We offer continuing services in weight loss management, including ongoing medications when medically appropriate. Maintenance visits are recommended on a monthly basis until patients are comfortable with their new eating habits and lifestyle, and have demonstrated no regain of weight. During this period, we may implement new strategies to maintain your weight loss while continuing to offer consultations, education, and counseling.

    Remember, obesity is a chronic illness. When other problems in life assume a higher precedence, patients often gain weight. This does not mean they are unsuccessful with their weight problem, rather that they have to refocus and take care of themselves. We are here for our patients every step of the way.

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