I turned 51 last summer. I love telling folks that, and watching their jaw drop! My youthful appearance is not by accident, it comes from “fighting the good fight,” as I like to say.

A co-worker recommended Dr. Peña, and I’m so delighted she did! He is very open and puts much thought into the areas of my concern. He seems to be a perfectionist and has high expectations of his own work. He was able to come up with alternative ideas for me. My previous doctors just did what I said, offering no ideas about the latest technology.

I had gone to Dr. Peña intending to deal with my crow’s feet. I was apprehensive at first, due to a less than successful attempt by another doctor. Dr. Peña knew it was a priority for me, so I went ahead with great results! My face is smooth, and my lips have definition.
I was also curious about Thermage, a non-surgical skin tightening treatment.
I had achieved my desired weight, but the skin doesn’t go away. I wanted to do my thighs, but Dr. Peña suggested starting with my face and neck, to see how I like it. It turned out to be a good decision. He threw in an exotic copper peel that had me feeling like Cleopatra! Since then, I have gone to Dr. Peña for my BOTOX and Restylane.

I could not feel more fabulous about myself, and quite sexy too! I have a great plastic surgeon lined up, but I won’t need him for a decade or two. I am absolutely the best “51”
I can be!

Brenda, 51
Mountain View, California



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