Benefits of Weight Loss

At Alquimia Med Spa, we believe that your weight loss means more than looking good and feeling better. Did you know that being overweight puts you at risk for disease and aggravates your existing medical problems? Losing weight can positively impact your health by decreasing your high blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. In addition, losing weight can reduce the wear and tear on your joints and back, and improve symptoms associated with sleep apnea.

Losing weight now can help alleviate or prevent many of these chronic conditions. Don’t let your weight control you. Let us help you control your weight and improve your health in the process. Our medical expertise can help guide you to meet your goal of achieving a healthier weight.

Program Overview

Experience the art and science of medical weight management and associated conditions at Alquimia Med Spa.  Our weight reduction program combines scientifically-based, physician supervised care, with compassionate and individually tailored plans to ensure the highest standard of treatment that delivers safe, effective and sustainable results.

Our weight control program offers the solution for medically overweight or obese persons. By promoting changes in diet, exercise habits and mental attitudes and behavior, participants will achieve a healthy and comfortable weight loss result. The exact rate of loss can vary among individuals, but most participants can expect to lose two to three pounds per week.

All patients first schedule an introductory consultation at one of our medical spas, at which time one of our patient educators will outline for you the program details. At this time, we begin our data collection by performing body measurements and lab studies that will help customize your weight loss regimen based on your individual needs.

  • Program Outline
  • Complete medical history & weight loss history
  • Physician consultation & assessment
  • Body composition analysis
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Comprehensive lab studies
  • Meal planning
  • Prescription of medication, if applicable
  • Access to meal replacement products & nutritional supplements

During the Active Weight Loss Period, our goal is to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. Patients lose two to five pounds per week by following the prescribed nutritional plan, and incorporating the different components of our program into their lifestyle: a regimen of routine moderate exercise and practical lifestyle changes. The early introduction of these changes helps patients to establish a foundation upon which they can build their long-term strategies for weight maintenance

Close monitoring and continuing education occur during weekly group visits. Body fat composition, vital signs and weight are recorded at all visits. Patients also have the opportunity to review emerging concerns and to celebrate achievements. Real life challenges, such as hunger patterns, work schedules, and family or personal habits can be addressed at these visits, as well as with the medical provider on an individual basis.

Workshops are designed to provide patients with the self-management tools for lifelong success, as they work to reverse harmful lifestyle practices while reshaping eating behaviors.

Successful weight loss depends on lifelong management of the underlying condition. We offer continuing services in weight loss management, including ongoing medications when medically appropriate. Maintenance visits are recommended on a monthly basis until patients are comfortable with their new eating habits and lifestyle, and have demonstrated no regain of weight. During this period, we may implement new strategies to maintain your weight loss while continuing to offer consultations, education, and counseling.

Remember, obesity is a chronic illness. When other problems in life assume a higher precedence, patients often gain weight. This does not mean they are unsuccessful with their weight problem, rather that they have to refocus and take care of themselves. We are here for our patients every step of the way.

Maintenance Visits

  • Consultation
  • Vital signs measurement
  • Body composition analysis
  • Supplemental injection, if prescribed
  • Medication adjustment as needed
  • Physician consultation as needed

Program Structure

The five elements of our weight loss program are structured around a framework that has been scientifically proven to help patients lose weight safely and effectively, while providing ongoing support. We focus on strengthening your self-management skills that will be necessary to help sustain your weight loss in the long-term. Our health providers observe the bariatric practice guidelines promoted by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (, so be assured we are delivering a high standard of clinical practice.

Achieving successful weight loss and maintaining your health can help you feel better about yourself and improve your quality of life. At Alquimia Med Spa, we emphasize proper nutrition through our diet plans and nutritional supplements.

The principles of our meal plans revolve around an optimized combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential fats. When patients apply these dietary principles, the body is forced to burn calories that are being stored as excess fat, while protecting muscle mass. As a participant in our weight loss program, you meet individually with our nutrition educators to design a low calorie diet that incorporates your personal food preferences, so you know exactly which types of food choices will help you reach your goal.

Alquimia Med Spa provides supplemental food products that can be invaluable to patients during weight loss and subsequent maintenance, as they provide a convenient solution to proper nourishment. Patients who are enrolled in our weight loss programs can benefit greatly from using the high-quality food and protein supplements available for purchase at our clinics.

A daily exercise regimen improves fat burning, increases the resting metabolic rate, increases energy and decreases hunger. Exercise also enhances your self-esteem and contributes to a longer life spam. Either weight loss or exercise alone can improve diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and cholesterol. But when combined, weight loss and exercise together dramatically improve these health conditions.

Our staff works with you to create an exercise routine that is practical and enjoyable. We understand that you are most likely to adhere to an exercise program that is affordable, conveniently located, and fits your schedule.

The exercise component of the program involves an emphasis on Non-Exercise Aerobic Training (NEAT), which means you can achieve this by doing activities you may already be engaged in, such as taking walks, using stairs, riding bikes or doing yard work. We also encourage weight training to build muscle mass, which will help raise your metabolic rate and burn more calories daily. You can track your daily physical activity to record how many calories you burn.

Lifestyle Modification (Eating Behaviors)

Initial weight loss is only the first step on what must be a lifetime journey of weight control. The fact of the matter is that you can gain your weight back after any type of diet or weight loss plan if you do not make some permanent changes concerning eating and exercise. To maintain your desired weight, patients adopt the self-management tools we teach for lifelong weight management, so that successful eating behaviors become the norm. You will no longer feel like you’re dieting, just living and eating healthier.

We know, easier said than done, right? But remember, you are in the hands of medical experts who will help you identify unique motivators, provide ongoing emotional support, address your unique needs, positively reinforce success based habits, and share with you successful tips for ongoing maintenance. Your cohorts are also an invaluable source of support and motivation. You will learn from one another, teach one another, and encourage one another every step of the way.

At Alquimia Med Spa, we approach obesity and being overweight as chronic, but medically treatable conditions. Our medical providers are able to suggest prescription medications as tools for weight loss to those patients who wish to use medicines to help achieve or maintain their weight. In our experience, we have found the use of appetite suppressants to be a safe, effective complement to diet plans.

Your initial assessment will include an evaluation for weight reduction medicines. In addition, the provider will review all of your medications to assure that none are interfering with your weight loss.

At Alquimia Med Spa, our goal is to improve your health and to help you achieve a healthier weight, but not at the expense of patient safety. Our philosophy goes far beyond helping you reach a number on a scale. We use our medical knowledge to individualize a program that is targeted at having you lose body fat, while maintaining lean body mass. Because each patient is unique, diet plans can be tweaked according to patient’s unique health needs, ability, and past experience with weight loss. We also prescribe appetite suppressant medication to those who qualify and are interested.

Our highly effective program includes medical supervision, nutrition education, light and lifelong exercise, healthy meal plans, special nutritional products and long-term maintenance strategies. Our program is designed to help you achieve lasting weight loss while reducing your risks of health related medical complications. This medically sound program will help you achieve a healthier weight and a healthier life. Your motivation comes from your own success. START TODAY.